What is “Word”?


Microsoft Word is the program for typesetting, as well as for compilation of various folders and documents. In other words, “Microsoft Word” (abbreviated as “Word”) is the program for printing text and design.This program is designed to create texts of varying complexity. You can create an article, a paper, an essay, a coursework, a degree and even a book. In addition, “Word” lets you arrange your text, select font style and color to your liking, add a picture or a photo or even a table. And of course, all this can be easily printed on a printer.

The program “Microsoft Word” is, metaphorically saying, a modern typewriter, but much more comfortable and functional. When you open the program you see a blank “sheet of paper” on your monitor on which you can print the text using the keyboard. The program will automatically add the sheets if your text does not fit on one. The printed text, if necessary, can be correcttd any time you like.

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