Make your drawing background Excel sheet


How to make the background image or picture on a sheet of Excel? In fact, very simple =)

1. Open the desired page and go to the tab "Page Layout".

Фон листа Excel

2. In the "Page Layout" find the "substrate" and click on it.

Подложка листа

3. Find the desired image or photo, and then either double-click on it or click on it and on the "Insert" difference.

Фон Excel листа

And once we see a beautiful background =)

How to remove a background sheet Excel? Simple, one-click =)

1. Go to the tab "Page Layout" and click on the "Remove Background"

Excel удаляем подложку

2. Obtain the required result

Excel - чистый лист

All success in learning Microsoft Excel. No limit to perfection.


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