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In this article we’ll analyze an affiliate program, to my mind, the best alternative to Google Adsense This is First I’ll explain why I think so:
I have been working with this system for about a year and I get $1000 a month from an ill-hyped blog without much effort. differs advantageously from Google adsense and other similar affiliate programs being too loyal to the quality of the traffic. It surely doesn’t mean that one can send traffic from anywhere, but much blocked by Google can work with Chitika. And though the income will be less than from Google Adsense, you can work with this system without any fear to be banned. offers the most popular formats of ads. That should be said beforehand that going to the site with a Russian IP, you won’t see the ads, there will be a test block. Advertisers are mostly from the USA and Europe, and they are not interested in Russian users.
I will not upload screenshots of my earnings because there is no point in it, advanced user (whom this article is devoted to) knows well that such a screen proves absolutely nothing. More reasonable is to analyze more thoroughly the process of registration in the system, how and when to get cash in Russia.


Well, actually go to the website and click on Publishers in the drop-down menu, click apply now, after what you’ll see a registration form. Fill it in, there are no nuances here, it’s desirable to give your real information. After that your résume will go to the account approval service and more likely you will get a letter of successful registration "Account approved" in about 3 days. Only after that you’ll get an opportunity to go into the control panel of your account. Here in the panel you can add as many sites as you like (within reasonable limits). I strongly recommend that you don’t add the sites with knowingly bad purchase traffic, or the percentage of the traffic should be very low .

Ad Setup
In the control panel select Ad Setup, click here Get code, choose the block format, look at the preview on the right and at the bottom of the page get the code to enter the site. After you paste the code to your site, there should pass 3 days before the traffic can be considered a system, and you’ll see a report on traffic and earnings for 3 days, after that at 8 - 10 Moscow time every day you’ll see a report on the previous day. That means you cannot observe the number of clicks on-line.

Payment of your earnings is carried out in the following way:
Money earned in January are paid at the end of February. I think it’s clear, I won’t fall into details.
Payment sare made in the form of personal checks or through PayPal system. Let’s dwell on PayPal. Money come to PayPal account stably in the last days of the month without any commissions .
Well for those who decided to deal with foreign sites there might not be any questions how and where to spend money from PayPal, but you must admit that it’s much more pleasant to hold the earned money in the flesh.

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