Earnings on file storage



One of the most popular types of earnings in the Internet is earning on the file storage.


1. It is not necessary to have your own website

2. Passive income. If you spread your links, you may sleep while the money goes.

3. No financial investment.

4. Convenient schedule. You can work at any convenient time.

5. No one will fire you =)

6. Raising your earnings up to $ 2000, you can spare all your time on this job.

I'll show you how it works on the example of the most popular file storages.

A. Depositfiles.

To begin with you should go to the website and register at this link REGISTER on Depositfiles.

The next step is to load the files into your account that you think will be of interest to users, after this you get special links to your files, and you should place this links anywhere.

The last and the most important step to make sure that these files are downloaded. Post links to your site if you have one. Register on different forums to answer questions and post their links to download the file.

B. Letitbit. First you should go to the site and register, you may use this link to REGISTER on Letitbit.

All the other steps are identical to Depositfiles.

Don’t forget to take a look at referral links. This is a link that can be obtained after the registration. If a user signs up by clicking on it, and starts earning on a file storage, you will go further with the percentage of his earnings. And this flow will increase with the number of users.

In order to support the site "Computer Literacy School " I also use referrals, which are posted above.

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