Keyboard shortcuts in Word


Key combination - a combination of certain keys on your keyboard to quickly perform certain commands.
Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word, faster and easier to work with MS Word and performance related problems with text documents. Many do not bother and use only the mouse to work, to execute commands and believe it is faster than the understanding of the combinations. In fact, it is better once they learn and remember, but in the future to save a lot of valuable time.
 The most important keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word:
 1. Ctrl + C-copies the selected text (image, formula, etc.) to the clipboard
 2. Ctrl + V-inserts the contents of the buffer to the location of the cursor
 3. Ctrl + X-cuts the selected text (image, formula, etc.) and also copied to the clipboard.
 4. Ctrl + Z-overrides, ie If you make a mistake, for example, removed the information or the information is not stuffed, then this combination you can return to its original state.
 5. Ctrl + A-selects all the content.

Keyboard shortcuts in Word

     I note that these shortcuts do not work only in Microsoft Word, but also in virtually all applications and the operating system. So do not lenitel, and always remember and use these combinations.

 Additional shortcuts that make life easier when working with documents in Microsoft Word:

1.Ctrl + N-creates a new text document.
2.Ctrl + S-saves the document (if the file is not saved, you will need to enter the file name).
3.Ctrl + O-opening the document. Pressing a key selection window appears where you can select which document to open.
4.Ctrl + W-closing document.
5.Ctrl + B-makes the selected text bold.
6.Ctrl + I-makes the selected text in italics.
7.Ctrl + U-added text is underlined.
8.Ctrl + F-search and replace strings in the text.
9.Ctrl + Tab-inserts a tab character.
10. Ctrl + P - sending the document to the printer.
11. Shift + Enter - inserts a line break.
12. Ctrl + Enter - insert a page break.
13. Ctrl + "-" - insert an em dash.
14. Ctrl + Alt + "-" - a very long dash.
15. Alt + Ctrl + "." - Inserts an ellipsis.
16. Ctrl + Home - move to the beginning of the document.
17. Ctrl + End - move to the end of the document.


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