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In today's article, we describe a simple example that will help you easily draw text with a shadow in the program To start, run the program and create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N).

Создаем новый слой

On a new layer we collect your desired text in black.

Набираем желаемый текст

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and type the same text, but with the desired color

Добавляем дополнительный слой

Now it is necessary to compare the two texts. To do this, select the top layer and the tool "Move selection" key («M») and place our text on black text, as shown in the figure below (you can arrange as you like.)

Сопоставляем два слоя

That's all, but you can add more transparency to the bottom layer with black text for a better result.

Добавляем прозрачности

     In my case, I chose a value of 90, the same change as you like.

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     For those who could not repeat the lesson, additionally attach the video.


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